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At one time or another we’ve all admired a beautiful car with tinted windows and maybe even wished we had that same dark mysterious look that indicates privacy and exudes power. Drivers want tinted windows for a variety of reasons and when they want them, they should be installed professionally to ensure a smooth finish. So often you may see tinted windows that have streaks or cracks in the tinting or even bubbles and it looks unsightly and you may wonder why the driver doesn’t just remove it and re-tint it for a better looking result. Salem Window Tint is a leading automotive window tint service that provides immaculate tinting for any type of vehicle you own.


All around the country, privacy is one of the top reasons why drivers want to install tinted windows into their car or truck and Salem, Oregon drivers are no different. Tinted windows grants you the type of privacy you are seeking, whether it’s dark windows for your high speed luxury performance vehicle or your family sport utility vehicle or a budget type tinted window process, there are a variety of choices that will give you the privacy you want for any type of car or truck you have. Privacy should not be a luxury and or just for those who have expensive cars.

Protection from the Sun

Light from the sun on your skin feels good and the sun emits vitamins we all needs as humans for our health but when you’re driving sun glare can be a dangerous element that can impair your ability to see. Depending on the time of day that you are driving , there is more risk for accidents and even problems with your eyes when you can see properly to navigate on the road. Tinted windows can significantly increase your safety on the road and protect other drivers from the risk of accidents when the sun is glaring in your eyes.

Keeps Car Cool

It’s an understatement to say the sun is hot, but during those searing times of the year when your skin might feel like it’s on fire from the blazing heat, tinted windows can reduce the temperature in your car. It’s a great strategy when you do not want to increase the power of your car air conditioner, which can so easily affect how much money you are spending on gasoline. Your window tinting is able to reduce the intensity of the sun’s heat into your car, helping you to create a more comfortable environment. This can be especially important if you are driving long distances in which you are in the car for long periods of time.

Why Hire Us

Over time, the sun has the ability to affect the interior of your car, particularly to the fabric on your seats. Colors that were once vibrant can be victim to fading and other parts of you car interior could be affected by cracking, fading or material warping caused by the sun. Our car window tinting is top rated and our technicians have years of experience to provide you with high quality protection.


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