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It’s easy to reach us when you call or email or use social media and any inquiry you have for our window tint experts will be answered. You can also make an appointment for a free estimate to bring your car to our workshop for tinting application. We will also provide you with a free inspection of your residential property to assess window tinting in any or every room of your home. Our professional team has decades of experience applying window tint to homes and vehicles and we can tell you the standards and regulation for modifications to your car or truck to ensure your safety and adherence to laws. Salem Window Tint has a large stockpile of window tinting solutions and we are able to reproduce any custom design you desire to express your personal aesthetic.

We take great pride in our expertise and ability to provide customers with all of the latest techniques and window tints that are currently on the market. All of our products are highly rated and we never use poor quality substitutes to tint your windows just because it might be easier. We value our reputation as a creative and trustworthy window tint service that provides quality customer service and products. If you’re seeking a window tint service that uses state of the art methods and provides value for money service, call Salem Window Tint today for a free estimate for your car or truck or your residential property.


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