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Customizing your car or truck has never been more easy or affordable since the popular explosion of painting vehicles Plasti-dip. Salem Window Tint is well known throughout the region as skilled and creative with Plasti dip and we have painted countless clients vehicles with exceptional detail. If you’re seeking a durable material that is quick and easy to install that protects your vehicle our skilled technicians have deep experience to give your car the customized look you are seeking for your windows. The glass on your car or truck can have a unique look when you add Plasti dip as a feature and it also has the benefit of providing protection from harsh weather conditions like sun and rain.

Uniform Process

Plasti dip give yous the advantage of a uniform looking window tint. It goes on smooth and when you want a change it comes off easily. It has become a popular and cost effective process for making quick changes to vehicles. Using a professional to apply Plasti dip is a good strategy particularly when you want your windows to look even, without the warping and bubbling that can happen so often with amateur applications. Many times clients will have wasted several application products and still come away with needed a professional to re-do the task. Our team has conducted hundreds of Plasti dip applications and we can create the unique effect you want and ensure it is uniform.

Saves Time

There are a lot of do-it-yourself vlogs and blogs for using Plasti dip and the outcomes of the objects always looks flawless but it does require time and attention to detail that you just may not have in abundance. That’s when Salem Window Tint can be of great assistance. We have conducted countless Plasti dip applications to save clients money from this time intensive task. Plast dip has an easy application process, however as you can see from the many vlogs and blogs that it’s not as effortless as it appears and many clients lose a great deal of time trying do-it-yourself methods before going the professional route that not only saves time but also money and product to create a unique customized effect.


Whether you intend to drive your car to cold climates in the mountains or travel through the desert, when your windows are applied with Plasti dip, they are able to remain intact. Plasti dip is durable and long lasting, particularly when applied by a knowledgeable professional who can ensure that every part of your vehicle is covered accurately. Durability is a highly sought after trait with liquid wrapping, this particularly important when you want to protect your car or truck from the harsh effects of the sun as well as moisture and dirt or sand that can so easily cause corrosion. Your Plasti dip can stand up to any weather condition and remain tough and durable when you use a professional application service like Salem Window Tint.

Why Hire Us

There are several ways you can use Plasti dip for your vehicle and however you imagine it, Salem Window Tint can achieve it with professional and efficient results. We ensure that your applications are professional, affordable and fast so you don’t have to waste money trying do-it-yourself methods that so easily suck away your energy and money from your wallet.


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