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If you love sitting by your windows to have your morning coffee, it’s likely a relaxing activity and one you cherish, but when the sun hits a certain point on the horizon, it can be unbearable to see and enjoy your spot of solitude. Or perhaps, you have a favorite television show you watch and you can never seen the screen during a specific time of day because the sun rays are simply excruciating, but it’s just too early to close your blinds or your drapes because you also want the benefit of the sun. Residential window tinting might be the perfect solutions for these scenarios and Salem Window Tint can assist you to achieve the comfort you are seeking.

Energy Efficient

Think of your wallet and how much money goes out of it for paying your energy bills, but when you use window tinting for your home you can reduce the costs you pay over the long term. When the sun makes direct contact with your home all day it can dramatically effect the indoor temperature and how comfortable you feel. But when you use window tinting to control the heat and coolness in tandem with your air conditioning and heating unit, you can see a reduction of up to 30 percent in the money you pay for utilities. Over time this has a big impact on how much money you can save. Salem Window Tint can come to your home and provide a free estimate to determine how window tinting can create an energy efficient home for you.

Prevent Sun Glare

Most people like the warmth of sunlight and the beautiful glow of the sun during daylight hours but there are periods in which sun glare can be excruciating through the window of parts of your home. It can be unbearable to use your favorite room or sit by a window during the day or even watch television when this happens. There are times when you just won’t even use a particularly room and if that room is one you use as an office, it could even effect your working conditions and turn your day into an unproductive waste of time. You could draw your blinds or close your curtains but the fact is your do like sunlight, just not the awful glare it gives. Salem Window Tint installs exceptional residential window tint for any room in the house to prevent sun glare.

Privacy and Security

Your home is likely an investment and your personal items are important you to that you worked hard to acquire. Don’t let your home be vulnerable to intruders looking to break into your home and take your assets. Residential window tinting can increase your security measures by provide you with privacy and security so that intruders never know when you are truly home. Residential window tinting is often a popular choice because it serves as a theft and break-in deterrent to keep homeowners secure. You will also have the added benefit of knowing that your residential window tinting can protect your interior from shattered glass flying throughout your entire room when if it does happen to break.

Why Hire Us

Residential window tinting has a great many benefits for homeowners and selecting the right tint and application process is what we do best. If you are seeking easy maintenance, privacy or security from your window tinting, these can all be achieved with the professional installation from our team of experts who have decades of experience.


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