Window Tint Removal

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Perhaps it time for a change in style, or your window tint looks like an eyesore and it is no longer the sophisticated professional looking element you once had. Now it’s cracking and peeling and there are unsightly warps running throughout every window. It’s time to remove your window tinting and you’ve known it for months but you just do not have the time and the bit you tried to remove also looks unsightly because all of it just won’t come off without some professional knowledge. Salem Window Tint can solve your window tint removal problem in a fast and efficient manner and get you back on the road without the unsightly mess it was before you called us.

Prevent Damage

If you’ve had amateur window tinting or poor quality window tinting installed, you probably want to remove it as soon as you see the imperfections because it is ruining the way your car or truck looks and it’s not effective in some way. But removing it on your own is probably worse than when you tried the do-it-yourself technique of applying it. Using dangerous methods like knives and razor blades is asking for a trip to the hospital for stitches. Salem Window Tint has professional methods for removing window tint that prevent damage to your car and protects you from needless personal injuries so that you can come away with a fresh clean surface that is ready for a new window tint or the clear window you had before your botched window tinting experiment.

Saves Time

Most of us are busy people, between work, school, family and social lives, these can require a great deal of our time and effort. So when you have a window tint that you want removed, there is little time in your schedule for a labor intensive removal process that takes up a great deal of your time and energy. Many have tried and failed to remove window tinting, realizing it is not as easy as it appear to remove. It often leaves behind a sticky mess that is tedious and difficult to reove without the right products and equipment and this makes for difficult driving when you have partial window tinting and in some cases you may even be putting other on the road at risk.

Professional Re-application

As fast as we take it off, we can reapply it better and just as fast. You probably loved your tinted windows when you first applied them before it started cracking and peeling. And maybe it even turned a different shade because it was poor quality and the harsh conditions of the sun have finally taken its tool. Salem Window Tint uses high grade window tinting that is durable and effective. We are a well known window tinting service in the region and we have served countless clients with window tint removal and re-application of a newer effective style. Call us today and we can likely have your window tinting removed on the same day to prepare for your new tinting that is more effective and polished looking.

Why Hire Us

Window tinting is a great strategy for a variety of reasons but not if it isn’t properly installed. It can cause visibility issues and it looks a mess when it’s cracking and peeling. But when you call Salem Window Tint, we can remove it fast and accurately with no danger to you or to your vehicle.


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